Old-Fashioned Sweet Potato Pie like Grandmom Used to Make!



Tasting Get-Together & SWEET POTATO SOCIETY Kick-Off (Scroll Down to enter The Bake-off :D )!

12 - 1pm

Mail Xpress at 104th & Potomac, Reunion area, Commerce City

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Tasting Get-Together & SWEET POTATO SOCIETY Kick-Off (Scroll Down to enter The Bake-off :D )!


RSVP Only -  https://www.meetup.com/The-Sweet-Potato-Pie-Society-of-Colorado/

$5 - http://www.paypal.me/SweetPotatoPie/5

Let's kick-off The Sweet Potato Pie Society of Colorado, gear up for the 1st Annual Colorado Sweet Potato Pie Bake-Off Contest (register now at the bottom of this page), and meet each other as well! Hosted by Mrs. Davenport with samples available of my Classic Sweet Potato Pie & Mini-Tarts.

Let's also:

* meet-and-greet each other,
* register for the 1st Annual Sweet Potato Pie Bake-Off and Contest scheduled for December if you like,
* sign up for sweet potato pie classes if you like,
* get some swag (you can pre-order for pick-up or delivery),
* and if you pre-ordered pies at OldFashionedSweetPotatoPie.com by that previous weekend, come pick it up here!

Your $5 for this event can be applied towards a future order from OldFashionedSweetPotatoPie.com. Ask for the code!

I hope to see you all! (And some of my students' families, too!)

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12 - 1pm

Mail Xpress at 104th & Potomac, Reunion area, Commerce City


1st Annual Colorado Sweet Potato Pie Bake-Off

2pm - 5pm

To Be Announced - Reunion Area of Commerce City, Colorado

+ Event Details


1st Annual Colorado Sweet Potato Pie Bake-Off


 $5 - http://www.paypal.me/SweetPotatoPie/5 

Competitors from all over Colorado are competing for bragging rights in the 1st Annual Sweet Potato Pie Bake-Off Contest, sponsored by the Sweet Potato Pie Society of Colorado and Mrs. Davenport's Sweet Potato Pie.

Come be in the audience, view all of the entries, watch judges taste the entries and do some tasting yourself of various sponsors' pies and desserts, including Mrs. Davenport's Classic Sweet Potato Pie, her Daddy's Apple Bit, and her Church Lady Caramel at the 1st Annual Colorado Sweet Potato Pie Bake-Off Contest.

Want to be a sponsor? Please contact Mrs. Davenport for more information.

Want to enter your own pie into the contest? You can register your entry now by scrolling to the bottom of this page. There is no extra entry fee beyond the $5 Admission Ticket which goes towards holding this long-overdue event!

Prizes awarded in all categories. The grand prize includes a $100 gift card, an award, publication on our social media, press releases and announcements in the media, and a free championship Apron & T-shirt. There's also a 2nd and 3rd prize plus an Honorable Mention, and all entries are appreciated publicly! That's called Good Manners. :D

Just in time for the Holidays!

2pm - 5pm

To Be Announced - Reunion Area of Commerce City, Colorado

Rules for the 1st Annual Colorado Sweet Potato Pie Bake-Off

Rules for the 1st Annual Colorado Sweet Potato Pie Bake-Off


Here are some rules and guidelines to help us get started:


You may only enter in one category per year. All prizes include bragging rights, press release, a token Visa gift card, and other items from our sponsors.  

Grand Prize - "Best in Bake-off" - $100 plus the 2020 Championship, including a Championship Apron & T-Shirt, a spot on next year's judging panel, and other prizes. 

1st Place Ribbon in each category - $20 plus other prizes 

2nd Place Ribbon in each category - $15 plus other prizes 

3rd Place Ribbon in each category- $10 plus other prizes 

All Youth Entries receive Special Acknowledgement.  

All entries receive appreciation and recognition! (We know it’s a Labor of Love and often an expression of Memory and Tradition. Thank you! )

a) This contest is open to bakers aged 8 and up! Ages 8-16 must be in the Youth Category, and accompanied by a guardian over 18. PLEASE REGISTER YOUR ENTRY BY SATURDAY NOVEMBER 9th. There is no extra entry fee other than the $5 admission if you register by midnight on this date. Late entries, however, will be allowed until December 3rd, but late registration will be $10, and includes admission for one person to the festivities. 

Sponsors may not enter the contest.  


Classic – The traditional sweet potato pie recipe, using any variety of sweet potato or yam you choose, without any secret ingredients. 

Innovative – Your creative version of a sweet potato pie based on the traditional recipe, but with your spirit of innovation on display. Examples might be an added ingredient (which must be listed during registration), a novel appearance or presentation, etc. 

Vegan/Sugar-free – No dairy products or eggs allowed. No white or brown sugar or artificial sugar substitutes allowed. You may use other natural sugars including honey, 100% maple syrup, molasses, or agave, and these must be clearly listed at registration. 

Professional – This category is for caterers, restaurants, or professional chefs who make their living fully or partly from their sweet potato pies, either currently or in the past. In other words, if someone has bought a pie from you other than at a school or church bake sale, this is for you! 

Appetizer – This category is for sweet potato appetizers, with or without crust, served as an appetizer rather than as a dessert. Please create bite-sized portions for judging, and have fun! Again, all ingredients must be listed. 

b) Pies must be entered in the name of the person who made it. For the PROFESSIONAL category, please include the name of the actual baker in addition to your restaurant or catering name and location. 

c) A list of all ingredients used in your pie recipe, on a 3x5 card or 8x11 paper, must be provided with your entry along with your name and email address, We do not need your exact recipe. (You can keep Grandma's secrets.)

d) Please take a photo of your pie and submit or email a copy of it by 2pm on the day of the contest to realsweetpotatopie@gmail.com. Your photo will be used to help identify each pie for the judges and to 

e) Each Pie must be made from scratch with all-natural ingredients. 

f) Each pie must be baked in a 9” – 10” aluminum pie plate/pan. Sorry but we cannot return pans. 

g) Each pie must include a clear pie lid (available at the grocery store).  

h) You may not use pre-made store-bought crust. 

i) Please bring your Pie to the contest site, to be announced at a later date, in or near Reunion in Commerce City, Colorado, between 2pm and 2:30pm on Saturday, December 7, 2019 (signs and hosts will direct you to the entry table). At this time your pie will be given an entry number,  maintaining confidentiality of the bakers. Judges will not be present at the entry table while pies are delivered to ensure confidentiality.   

j) Please sign in, show photo ID, and sign acknowledgements that: 

- That you baked your pie using best practices in food safety, including the use of gloves, highly sanitized cooking areas and utensils, and baking and storage at proper temperatures. A good reference comes from Boulder County (https://www.bouldercounty.org/families/food/baking-and-cooling-pies-safely/) Please read it before registration! 

- that no guarantees can be made that exposure to nuts has not occurred. Please DO NOT taste or sample if you have any kind of allergies.

- that all entered pies become the property of the Sweet Potato Society of Colorado and that pies may or may not be returned. At the conclusion of the event, bakers may share their pies or take them home.  Any pies left will be disposed of by the end of the event. 

- that you give your permission to have your photo taken during the festivities and have photos used on social media and press releases for the Sweet Potato Pie Society of Colorado. 

k) Please go enjoy the festivities! Sponsor tables, and samples will be available to the invited public. 


a) Judging will start at 2:45 pm and continue until 3:45pm. These times may change depending upon the number of entry registrations received by November 9th.  

b) Winners will be announced and prizes awarded beginning at 4:15pm. 

c) Festivities close at 4:55pm. 

d) The judging area will be "off limits" to all but Judges and Pie Contest Committee members. 

e) There will be a minimum of three judges and a maximum of nine. 

d) Judging Criteria – Each pie will be judged by professional foodies, and in future years, by previous champions, on the following, out of 30 possible points. Judges reserve the right to refuse to taste an entry based on presentation, odor/smell, or perception without explanation. 

i. Overall Appearance and Presentation– points 1-10 

ii. Crust – Color, Texture, Doneness, Taste – points 1-10 

iii. Filling – Consistency, Doneness, Moistness, Flavor – points 1-10 

e) How judges will score:  

i. Each judge assigns a numerical value for each criterion, without consultation with the other judges. 

ii. The pie that receives the highest total numerical value is the winner. The Pie Contest Committee will tally the judging sheets. 

iii. In the case of a tie, the judges will taste those pies again, give a final score, and declare a winner. 

iv. The decision of the judges is final. 

a) Winners will be announced after the judging is complete starting at 4:15 pm on the main stage. 

Deposition of Pies – all pies become the property of the Sweet Potato Society of Colorado. After judging, pies may be sliced and distributed to guests, donated to the local food bank, or returned to the baker if labeled properly. Contest continues rain, shine, or snow. Entries not received/in line by 2:31pm will forfeit their registration, although everyone will still be welcome to the festivities. We are sorry but we must follow a strict schedule. Thank you for understanding.  

Updates and clarifications to these rules will continue to be added as necessary.

For more information, please email Mrs. Jenny Davenport at RealSweetPotatoPie@gmail.com


FROM THE BOULDER COUNTY WEBSITE - Baking & Cooling Pies Safely:

Cooking and storing pies safely is important because germs that cause food-borne illness can grow in pies kept at room temperature. They grow easily in foods made with milk and eggs. 

Refrigerate any pies containing pumpkin, custard, and/or cream. 

Cook Pies Safely 

Only buy clean, refrigerated eggs with uncracked shells. 

Wash hands, utensils, equipment, and work area with hot soapy water before and after contact with eggs. 

Don’t keep milk or eggs out of the refrigerator for more than two hours. 

Use a food thermometer to make sure the filling reaches 160°F. Chiffon pies may be made with pasteurized dried egg whites, or with in-shell, commercial, pasteurized eggs (available in some areas) 

Meringue that tops a pie should be safe if baked at 350°F for about 15 minutes. 

Make Sure Pies are Safe After Cooking 

Cool them at room temperature for only 30 minutes after you take them out of the oven. 

Put them in the refrigerator to complete cooling and to keep them cold. 

Keep pies in the refrigerator at 41°F or colder, except during the time they are being served. 

Bakeries and stores must put pies into boxes or containers only after they have been cooled and are cold. 

An Exception 

You may see pumpkin pies displayed at room temperature in the store. These are safe if made from a recipe that prevents germ growth for five days and will be identified by proper labeling. Refrigerate the pie as soon as you get it home. 


Ingredients in Mrs. Davenport's Sweet Potato Pie.
Ingredients in Mrs. Davenport's Sweet Potato Pie.

Contest Registration

Register Your Pie HERE - by November 9th - for the 1st Annual Colorado Sweet Potato Pie Bake-Off Contest to be held on December 7th 2019.

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